Getting Started

Hey guys thanks for taking your time read this article. You may be new to making money online or you may have already tried affiliate marking, blogging, advertising, and those other common online jobs. Some of you have probably seen webinars before about a supposedly great money making opportunity with maybe even a fancy almost robotic type of voice trying to get you hooked every now and then. They're always claiming something's free but will give you a small maintenance fee or whatever later on in the video anyway. They go on about how they're practically giving it away to you and claim that their program is worth thousands and that their discount is huge right? They might even give you a big price anyway and claim you'll make a lot more than it's worth. It's about time you read from someone who wants to make an honest living and that you don't get screwed for someone else's benefit. Today's the day you stop hearing about people pretending to be different when really they're out to steal your hard earned cash. I want to tell you about a program that you can get involved with. You can go ahead and find reviews on Google if you think I'm lying. The program I'm talking about is called ZNZ which stands for Zip Nada Zilch, where you pay zip, nada, zilch, it's free! Major companies like DirecTV and Netflix pay ZNZ to have people try their free trials. ZNZ gets paid off commissions and shares the money with anyone who participates by trying free trials and people who refer others to their site. As a matter of fact the guy that referred me onto ZNZ tried out Netflix and ended up keeping it because he liked it so much. Now again, if you want legit proof then Google the reviews of ZNZ yourself. Got any questions? Go to their FAQ's page later on. So there you go, whenever people sign up through your referral you earn credits. Referring someone else can also make up for your one required credit as well if you don't want to sign up for any free trials. If you want to sign up for a free trial but don't want to pay for the product make sure you cancel before the trial expires to avoid this! How do you find people you could refer? Easy, you could advertise on or share it with others on Get some friends to try it out as well. Make a site or blog that refers people. You could have this article on your site or you could make your own. If you want something for free go to and create your blog there. To add the referral banners go to each ZNZ account under status and copy and paste your html banner code onto your blog one by one. It'll take a few minutes but remember, on ZNZ you're earning potential is unlimited so might as well aim high! Don't know what site to start on first? Check out the picture below and decide what looks interesting. After that, give it a shot and click a banner, scroll to the bottom of the screen, enter your email address, and sign up! When you're done, come back and click the next banner until you've signed up for every ZNZ site. Good luck!